Greetings Fellow Legionaries!

The Rebel Legion is seeking to raise some funds so we can upgrade our forums.  Our software is very old, and mostly out-of-date.  Parts of it were hand-written to meet our specific needs (costume submission, etc).  I don't pretend to be a web-person, but from what they can tell me, it's held together with digital duct tape and bubble gum.  Its time we invest in a product that we all use.  Without it, we wouldn't be able to talk to each other, coordinate events, encourage costume builds, or even *BE* a Legion.  

We have a few different projects to help with forum fundraising, and this is just the first.  Many of you have the "Rebel Legion Supporter" forum medal.   For a $10 donation, you can the forum medal in patch form.  For a $25 donation, you can get a men's t-shirt with the design on it.  If you just want to "give a donation", there's a separate link for that.

Please consider donating.  Our forums are an integral part of what we do in the Legion.

Generic Donation to the Rebel Legion - Default is set at $1.  To change the amount of your donation, increase the quantity in the Paypal checkout page.
Patches are SOLD OUT

Forum Medal - $10
Forum Username
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