Multi-Club Celebration Racing Shirt

In order to help show unity between the major Star Wars costuming clubs at the upcoming Celebration in Chicago in 2019, club leads and their corresponding merchandising teams have worked together in an unprecedented fashion to create this racing shirt for you.  It is our hope that you wear your racing shirt around Celebration, and especially when volunteering at our booth and other exhibits to help show costuming club solidarity to the general public.

Ordering Instructions:  Make your selection and click "add to cart". You will be able to change quantities before check out.  When you are ready to check out, please follow Paypal's instructions.  Please be sure you have an accurate shipping address on file with Paypal, because that is where we will be shipping your merchandise.  Prices include all Paypal fees, as well as any shipping costs.  It is not necessary to "add shipping" to your order - it's already in there!  Price with "Domestic Shipping" listed first.  "International Shipping" listed second.  ALL orders will be shipped.  There is NO PICKUP OPTION for this run.

Please email me at merch (at) rebel legion dot com with any questions or concerns.

This run closes on Thursday January 31st

**Due to the large volume of orders, and the April Celebration deadline, I will be sending in the first half of orders on January 15th.  Orders placed between Jan 16th & 31st will be submitted on February 1st.  It is my intention to have these shirts shipped out in time for Celebration.**

Shirt Customization Options:
You will have the opportunity to customize 3 areas of your shirt
Fine Print:  Please note the above customization is for design purposes only, and that setup is not available.  Please read the customization options listed below.  Any deviation to entries not conforming to the requirements will be deleted or changed).
  • Right Sleeve - flag of your country, or flag of Chicago
  • Left Sleeve - club logo of your choice
  • Right Chest line 1: Your first name (and last name if you prefer both)
  • Right Chest line 2: Your forum username (or left black if you prefer)

Selecting the correct size can be a little tricky.  Here is some advice based on previous runs.  Find a shirt or other garment that you currently own that fits the way you want your racing shirt to fit.  Lay it on a flat surface and take measurements in the corresponding locations as indicated by the sizing charts below.  Please keep in mind that this material does NOT stretch like cotton, and all sizing measurements are in CENTIMETERS.
How to place your order:
Step 1:
Pay for your shirt here.  (You will need your Paypal transaction ID number for the next step).
**Your payment includes the cost of the shirt, all shipping, tariff, and PayPal fees**
Step 2: 
Fill out the GoogleForm HERE to select your size and customization of your shirt.
**(Note - your shirt will be shipped to the address you indicate on the GoogleForm, and NOT to the address you have listed in PayPal).

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