With recent horrific weather in Texas, the Rebel Legion is looking to raise funds to help support the victims.  Funds raised will go directly to the American Red Cross.  Please donate as much as you are able to.  Every donation over $5 will garner the member the forum medal pictured to the left.
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Greetings Fellow Legionaries!

The Rebel Legion is seeking to raise some funds so we can upgrade our forums.  Our software is very old, and mostly out-of-date.  Parts of it were hand-written to meet our specific needs (costume submission, etc).  I don't pretend to be a web-person, but from what they can tell me, it's held together with digital duct tape and bubble gum.  Its time we invest in a product that we all use.  Without it, we wouldn't be able to talk to each other, coordinate events, encourage costume builds, or even *BE* a Legion.  

We have a few different projects to help with forum fundraising, and this is just the first.  Many of you have the "Rebel Legion Supporter" forum medal.   For a $10 donation, you can the forum medal in patch form.  For a $25 donation, you can get a men's t-shirt with the design on it.  If you just want to "give a donation", there's a separate link for that.

Please consider donating.  Our forums are an integral part of what we do in the Legion.

Generic Donation to the Rebel Legion - Default is set at $1.  To change the amount of your donation, increase the quantity in the Paypal checkout page.
Patches are SOLD OUT

Forum Medal - $10
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